Monday, April 7, 2014

More to Come

Ok so I knew that I wanted to re-start my blog and just try to keep in touch with people a little better. I often love quickly catching up with some of the latest things going on in my friends and families lives so that I get a better picture of what is going on, and it's fun for me to share more than just pictures on Facebook or Instagram - this way I can also share my thoughts.
So for now I posted two reviews of the hiatus I took in 2012 and 2013, I'll be back soon to post about my fist winter in Alaska and how this year is shaping up so far! I love you all!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2013 Review in Pictures

2013 was another great year but I made a transition from my job and decided to head back up to Alaska with the intention of taking a "working vacation" and then diving into the next thing.  I wasn't expecting to find an opportunity to stay or even that I would really consider it and eventually accept that offer - but just like most things in my life, it doesn't quite end up like I planned but everything ends up just as it should!
March 2013 - 1/2 Marathon that I didn't really train for but just ran anyway, so nice to have these friends to motivate me and wait for me at the finish line!

March 2013 - Celebrated Shaun's 30th birthday in Sunriver, OR

April 2013 - Took a road trip to visit friends/family in the Pacific Northwest, so nice to re-connect and get some good quality time with the people that remind me who I am!

May - I decided to head back up to Alaska to work on the trains and convinced a friend or two to join me for some summer adventures!


May 2013 - Quickly reminded myself of how much I love Alaska!
June 2013 - We had some visitors, Katie made it up for Solstice

July 2013 - 4th of July raft down the Kenai River

Aug 2013 - Carlina came too and caught our silver salmon in Seward!
 Aug 2013 - My parents finally made it up to see me and I tried to show them as much of Alaska as I could in about 7 days, while balancing my work schedule!

October 2013 - After I decided to stay in Alaska as the Supervisor or Rail Operations for the Wilderness Express Train, I went home to visit and get some warmer clothes - we headed over to Yellowstone too to see Old Faithful while I was in Idaho!
Oct 2013 - Then we sent Nathaniel on his mission to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Oct 2013 - Stayed in Utah to go to Lake Powell for the first time!

Dec 2013 - more to come on my adventures during my first winter in Alaska but I made sure that I got to spend the holidays this year with family and I flew down so that I arrived just in time for Christmas morning with some of my favorite people!

This year I was grateful for changes that I expected and others that I didn't, I know that many of our experiences are given to us to allow us to grow and become better so I'm trying to take advantage of every opportunity that is sent my way!

2012 Review in Pictures

Well in order to catch up I thought I'd try to fill in the gap a little - so here is my review of the year 2012, mostly in pictures cause let's be honest that's the best part!
Feb 2012 I finally made it to Delicate Arch!

March 2012 My first time to Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, UT

March 2012 Got to celebrate the wedding of one of my FAVORITE people! I love you LJ!

May 2012 Visited India with Kaiizen and had an amazing trip and fell in love with the kids there!
May 2012 Came home to my niece Miley being born that same day (this picture is of her blessing later)

May 2012
 Rob easily won best birthday gift award with my own corn hole set!

Aug 2012 - Had a family trip to the Oregon Coast and took some "classic" family pictures.

Sept 2012 - Finally hiked to the top of Mt. Timpanogoes (not sure if I'll ever do it again)

Oct 2012 - Ran the Dirty Dash in large animal face T-shirts with my work!

Top: Before > Bottom: After

Oct 2012 - Went to Madonna in concert in Vegas with work

Oct 2012 - Finally made it to TN to see Amy Lou!!

Nov 2012 - Welcomed my niece Norah to the family (picture obviously later)

Dec 2012 - Made a last minute bouquet for my cousin Callie's wedding

Overall 2012 was a great year, although it's funny posting about it now cause now of this seemed very long ago yet more that a year or two have already passed, CRAZY!