Saturday, August 16, 2008

Viva la Mexico

Bombay and the boys playing baseball - we used the cars and a stump as our bases!

Well the week is already done and sorry still no pictures added yet a few of our group got sick last night and I did a bit today so I thought a nap was a little more important so that I don't hopefully heave all night on these planes.
A picture of the kids as they were working on their writing assignment

The charter school had a lot of fun and they were great at building relationships with the older kids at the orphanage. We were able to play endless four-square, head to this pool (complete with cement slide - I got the award for going the fastest down), tie-dying and a bunch of other different things.

Hana and I with our friends who played to us a Mexican song from "Utah" while we ate tacos!

Now I'm just re-couping as best as I can and headed out to catch my flights to Brazil for about two weeks. I'll be working there with Kaiizen in Project Educate which is a program where we sponsor 8 kids from the public to private high school in hope of not only graduating but passing the examinations to get into public university which is all paid for by the state. I think all will be the first in their families to do so. I hear they are great kids and so many fun stories about them and I'm so excited to go and meet them.

I'm assuming I'll have some sort of internet access during this time so just e-mail me if you need anything. Love you all.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ok last one for early this morning, and sorry I'll figure out how to add pictures next week but here's a quick run down for anyone who wants to keep it all straight.

Aug 1-5 > Spokane
Aug 6-9 > Denver
Aug 10 > Provo
Aug 11-16 > Mexico w/ Kaiizen Project Baja
Aug 16&17 > Flying from California - Vegas - JFK (New York) - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Macieo, Brazil
Aug 18 - 24 > Macieo, Brazil w/ Kaiizen Project Educate
Aug 24 - 27 > Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Aug 28 > Fly Back to New York
Aug 29 > New York
Aug 30 > Fly to Portland
Aug 31 - Sept 4 > Portland w/ sister-in-law & niece
Sept 5 - 7 > Seattle @ BYU vs. U of Wash football game
Sept 7 & 8 > Back in Provo (BIG PARTY)
Sept 9 - 23 > Fly to Swaziland, Africa w/ Kaiizen research trip
Sept 24 > Back to Utah (sleeping all day!)

Well I'm exhausted I'll be back in the states on saturday and post again then, love you all!


This week I'll be traveling with Kaiizen down near Ensenada, Mexico in Baja California to work with an orphanage and some schools there.  We will be taking down a Charter School from Utah and so I'm very excited to work with both groups of kids this week.  We have a lot of fun projects and activities planned and noting the time I have to run to meet up the group so we can take off at 5am (don't worry I already dibbed sleeping till Vegas!)

August Rush

Well August is when it all started. . . . First a quick visit home to celebrate my niece's and dad's birthdays and to see my brother for the last time before his mission - very sad that I won't get to go with him to eat at cafe rio for the last time and then into the MTC but I'm so proud of you Ryan and I so excited for the experiences that await you.

Rob, Amy Jo, Ryan, and Me at Silverwood waiting in line for Tremors!

Then onto Denver - the farthest east in the US that I've now been (well technically Elizabeth, CO) for Tara's wedding. So great to see the Giblette family and spend time with Josh and Chantel and everyone. A very worthwhile trip and congrats again Tara and Brent everything was perfect.

The beautiful bride - Tara and Brent had a great reception out at the Giblette house!

Afton, Me, & Amy Jo just enjoying our time in Denver!

So happy to see old friends Josh and his wife Chantel and their daughters Brooklyn & Sydney - the girls we're both REALLY tired by the time we took this picture but don't be fooled we all had a blast together!
Back in Utah for a night and day - just long enough to pack up my apartment and move out!

Here We Go!

Well it's about time, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing but then again I don't know if I can give you an example of when I really do! This is hopefully a way that I can keep my friends and family updated on my life and adventures! So Enjoy!