Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quality & Sleep

Well it's that time Tuesday night right before I go back out to the trail to work for a week and of course I just flew back into town so now I'm running around trying to get everything ready and I haven't slept a lot in the past few nights trying to spend it with friends so I had to make an executive decision tonight I am going to sleep so I can actually do my job tomorrow and also so that I can ensure the quality of the posts that will follow next week when I get off. Hey I'll even add pictures to go with my updates to really make it worth it but here's the quick update:

- I got a job as a tour guide for the railroads in Alaska this summer and I'm moving to Anchorage beginning ish of May
-I am going on Kaiizen's April trip to Mexico (I've missed two in a row)
-April 17th I'll leave Arizona and I'll drive up through Vegas, St. George, Provo, SLC, Boise, and Portland before I head up to Alaska so if you have time and will be in any of these locations I definitely want to see you.
-I love you all very much, thanks for being patient and supportive!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Long Time Gone!

Well this is just a real quick apology - I have not updated my blog in a real long time mostly because I was having a hard time adjusting to the new life I had kind of chosen for myself and didn't want my friends and family to worry about me, however I learned that I do not just always have to have it together and there is so much about the last few months that I want to share so in the next few days I'll be updating my life until about now and sharing some of my fondest memories (Good AND Bad)!