Sunday, December 25, 2011

Year in Review - 2011

So 2011 wasn't my best year for blogging, in fact I posted once until now. However I don't want to give up on blogging I like to get little updates from friends and share a few pictures from my life and what I am up to. So I am taking the time (while working over the Christmas weekend) to post a glace at 2011 for me. Nothing big but as a quick way to get caught up so I can continue to post from the present and not get overwhelmed with what I didn't get done.

Last year ended with an amazing trip to Spokane for Kurt's wedding and then traveling with two of my best friends to catch a cruise out of LA. We were able to visit friends along the way and stay at the "Bro-mansion" out in Claremont.

The cruise was so much fun we went down the Mexican Riviera and had so many laughs along the way. Falling out of THIS boat actually, zip-lining through the canopy or Puerta Vallarta, eating guacamole, and watching some awesome and not so awesome entertainment.

Then I moved down to Utah to live with my cousin, got a job at a drug and alcohol rehab center for adults and moved in with this house full of girls. It is so fun to come home and have great people to talk with, play games, or go for a hike with. I feel very blessed.
(Picture taken from recent Christmas Party)

Then in April when Joe and Damon were visiting from med school we all headed down to St. George with some new friends to go canyoneering and I got to climb down these canyons and repel from this huge rock face. It was a little scary but very fun.

I visited Arizona for spring training and a friends wedding and we were able to attend all the festivities and still meet up with the boys at the Cubs game!

We stopped by Horseshoe Bend on the way home which I'm pretty sure has to in some way be part of the Grand Canyon.

Later that summer I ran in an Epic Relay Race that went 205 miles from Layton, UT to Jackson Hole, WY. We ran in teams of 12 and it was so fun I'm so glad I was able to run with friends and the race was awesome, not to crowded and some beautiful scenery.

Then I flew up to Juneau to visit Hana who worked their this summer and finally saw some of the inside passage of Alaska. We had so much fun and went to the glacier everyday naturally!

I think I wore Red to my first football game ever because Amy got a job up at the U! And I told her I loved her more than any team so I would always support her - plus I couldn't let her lose her season tickets. They are intense about it!

And we got to spend some time hiking up some of the SLC canyons and near our house, this waterfall up Big Cottonwood was a great little hike one evening.

And to top it all off we even saw a moose on the way down!

And in December I traveled down with Kaiizen to Mexico one more time to help with the Christmas trip with the orphanage. Josh is moving to California so things will change (they have been changing for a while now) but Kaiizen will always be in motion in some way or another. This was just a great way to see the kids and spend time with great friends.

And a few things I don't have pictures of for one reason or another that are still noteworthy:
> I bought a car (Honda Civic) back in February and it is running great.
> I'm starting an application for a Masters in Teaching program for fall 2012
> I was able to stop and visit friends along my trip and some even came to visit me (Amy Lou I don't know how I don't have pictures of our trip did we only use your camera>)
> My little brother got married - this one just happened so no pictures yet

I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of things but I think this is enough for a glimpse at 2011. I hope all my friends and family have been blessed this year and that 2012 brings you blessings and joy.

Love you all,