Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everything is better with Friends!

So this year started out great I was able to head up to Washington for my brother's reception and see a bunch of family and friends. Unfortunately it seems like every time I get to visit with someone it is not enough time. We try to catch up and share some laughs but I just wish we all could take a month off and just be together.

So every October Southwest Airlines has this great deal and if you fly the beginning of December or sometime in January or February you can get great rates. I really wanted to go visit my friend Katie who had just done a full year internship with Walt Disney World and since I had never been there before I couldn't pass up the opportunity. And luckily my work appreciates what I do and how hard I work so they allowed me to take a full week off so that I could take the Am Track with Katie up to Washington DC to visit her sister Anna too. I loved that I just got to spend TIME with them and we did just enough sightseeing but enough relaxing to still call it vacation.

The photos loaded backwards and I'm too impatient to re-do it or move them around. But enjoy!

In front of the Washington Monument - thank you random man who took our picture and got none of the Monument (the whole point). Don't worry he cut out the baby in the first picture too.

At the Lincoln Memorial - it was pretty cold this day with some good wind - add that to my eye itching and watering all day, hence the squint. But we still had a great time. And yes I forgot a hat so I'm wearing my scarf like my grandma used to.

We went to Gettysburg one morning - Katie and I climbed an observation tower. It was so cold we stayed up there just long enough to take a picture.

The canyon location where the union Army held the high ground.

We were on a self-guided driving tour and when I got out of the car the map blew away - and I'm talking it was incredibly windy so it was like gone. It blew about 60 yards away through this fence but I saw it get stuck in these grasses so I chased it down and jumped the fence - tons of prickly bushes I didn't see (oops) and retrieved our map so we could continue the tour. Abe would have been proud.

The other observation tower check out Anna's scarf and hair the wind was so strong.

Our walking tour of downtown Fredrick. These towns are so fun with so much history and personality it was great to walk around.

Katie and I took the Am Track up to DC from Florida, not as scenic as I would have liked but still a great experience. This kind gentleman rode with us from Orlando and would constantly come talk to us about places to go in DC. I think he kept trying to think of more so he could stop by our seats again. So nice!

Wildlife Kingdom Walt Disney World - by the Tree of Life

Epcot - Katie works super close to this and she took me on a backstage tour of the hydroponics greenhouse she had been working in. It was so fun!

Had to get a picture with a character! Katie's roommates came with us and we all had such a great time touring the parks.

Thanks again girls for taking the time to let me come visit. I'll be buying another ticket I'm sure next year in October so let me know if you'd like a visitor coming your way.

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The Grimmetts in Real Life said...

Even before I saw your comment about looking like Grandma Munson, I said to Dad, "Does she remind you of my Mom?" Then I read your comment and Dad and I laughed.
I am glad you had a good time and could take my Aunt and cousin to lunch. Thanks Honey.